Will these products make me strong and muscular?

Getting strong and muscular is the result of hard and consistent training with the focus on progression over a very long period of time. Nutrition can aid you in recovery and performance to ensure the progression; but without the progression in the gym itself, there will be no gains.

What is whey?

Whey is a dairy product (technically speaking it is the byproduct of cheese-making). Whey can be consumed mixed with water or milk or be used as an ingredient in recipes. Due to its high protein content it is a popular food for those who strength train on a regular basis.

Do I need a protein powder (whey)?

It depends on your daily protein need. A good aim is to eat 1,6-1,8 grams of protein per kg bodyweight on a daily basis. The recommendation for individuals aiming at losing weight whilst maintaining muscle-mass is 2 g per kg bodyweight. Whey is an excellent source of protein and should be viewed as a food or ingredient rather than as a supplement. I drink whey on a daily basis mixed with milk or in a smoothie together with other ingredients. An example of such a smoothie is the following: 5 dl of milk, 2 scoops of whey, 2 tablespoons of frozen blueberries and a splash of cream. There are plenty of whey smoothie recipes you can try out.

What is EAA?

EAA stands for Essential Amino Acids. EAA is useful to take prior to or during training to stimulate the protein synthesis. It is recommended to take 10 g of EAA prior to training when fasting, if you train first thing in the morning for example. EAA also contributes to the overall protein intake of the day. Something worth pointing out is that you will get these essential amino acids from eating food (such as whey) as well.

Do I need supplements?

Do you need supplements for optimal performance and health? It differs between individuals. A good way to find out if you are deficient in anything is to take a blood-test; once the results are in, you can supplement (or adjust your diet) accordingly. Some general supplementation advice are the following:

  1. During the darker part of the year supplement with Vitamin D3.
  2. If you do not eat fish on a regular basis supplement with fishoil (Omega-3).
  3. A lack of zinc can lead to lower testosterone levels, thus supplementing with zinc can redress this imbalance.
  4. Creatine is a cheap, natural and proven supplement for increased athletic performance (you can get creatine from eating plenty of meat as well).
  5. During periods of intense training it can be a good idea to supplement with magnesium (unless you eat food rich in it).
  6. Collagen is recommended to consume for overall health unless you eat bonebroth on a regular basis.
  7. You do not need a pre-workout product. The Varulvsbrygd (Werewolfbrew) is a pleasure to consume, but you do not need it for optimal gains.

That being said, ensure that you eat an overall healthy and nutritious diet and get in enough sleep each night and you will optimise the conditions for muscle growth.

Is aspartame dangerous?

No. Added sugar (refined sugar) on the other hand is linked with all manner of health issues. Aspartame has gotten a bad reputation due to pressure from the sugar industry. You can read more about aspartame here: Is aspartame dangerous?

For those who are still sceptical of aspartame we do have whey sweetened with stevia.

Do you use the products available in the webshop?

Yes. I take pride in providing the best possible products. I also take great care in optimising my own nutrition, so you can rely on the quality of the products. We will not stock any dubious supplements nor any ‘new and revolutionary’ supplements without any backing by science or medical tradition.

Are supplements and whey only for those who train in the gym?

No, regardless of your training routine (or lack thereof) you can optimise your health by consuming whey and supplements. However, certain supplements, such as magnesium and creatine, are suitable for those who train hard.

I heard that the supplement industry is not particularly clean or glorious, is this also the case for Swedish companies?

No, Swedish regulations in regard to food quality are among the strictest in the world. Jotunheim Nutrition has all the certificates to ensure clean and safe products. Read more here.

What measures do you take in regard to being environmentally friendly?

We have a minimalist attitude to packaging; instead of having big heavy containers we have bags (this also reduces the shipping cost).

What does the name mean?

Jotunheim is the realm of the giants in Norse mythology and the giants know a thing or two about getting massive. The Thor symbol is meant to inspire you to be a force of nature and the overcoming of yourself and the overcoming of hardship. The names and designs of coming products will be derived from mythology and folklore; from epic tales that push you to set the pace high!